Honeywell Quantum Solutions

Honeywell Quantum Solutions is a leading provider of quantum computing technology and software, with a mission to drive the adoption of quantum computing across the world. Founded in 2015, Honeywell Quantum Solutions is a subsidiary of Honeywell International Inc., a Fortune 100 technology and manufacturing company.

Quantum computing is a paradigm-shifting technology that has the potential to solve some of the world’s most complex problems that are beyond the capabilities of classical computing. Quantum computers use qubits – quantum bits – to store and process information in a radically different way to classical computers. Qubits have the ability to exist in multiple states simultaneously, which means quantum computers can perform many calculations at once, making them exponentially faster than classical computers.

Honeywell Quantum Solutions has developed a scalable and robust quantum computing platform, the Honeywell System Model H1, which is designed to deliver real-world solutions to global challenges. The H1 is a trapped-ion design, where individual ions are held in place using electromagnetic fields, and the interactions between these ions enables quantum operations.

The H1 is designed to offer a hybrid approach to quantum computing. This approach combines classical computing with quantum computing to solve problems that are beyond the capabilities of classical computing alone. The H1 is compatible with widely-used software tools and programming languages, such as Python and Q#, making it easy for developers to write and run quantum algorithms.

Honeywell Quantum Solutions has formed partnerships with leading companies and organizations to explore and develop quantum computing applications in many industries, including finance, chemistry, aerospace, and defense. In 2020, Honeywell Quantum Solutions signed agreements with JP Morgan Chase, Cambridge Quantum Computing, and the European Union’s Quantum Flagship program to collaborate on developing quantum computing applications.

One of the key applications of quantum computing is in finance, where quantum algorithms can be used to optimize portfolio management, pricing of financial derivatives, and risk assessment. Honeywell Quantum Solutions is working with JP Morgan Chase to develop quantum algorithms for these applications, with the goal of improving efficiency and accuracy.

In the field of chemistry, quantum computing is expected to revolutionize the discovery of new drugs and materials by simulating chemical reactions that are difficult or impossible to model using classical computers. Honeywell Quantum Solutions is partnering with Cambridge Quantum Computing to develop quantum algorithms for simulating chemical reactions.

In the aerospace and defense industry, quantum computing has the potential to enhance radar and sonar systems, satellite communications, and cybersecurity. Honeywell Quantum Solutions is partnering with the United States Air Force.

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