Strange works

Strange works is a pioneering tech start-up that aims to democratize and commercialize quantum computing. Founded in 2017 by William Hurley (known as “Whurley”), the company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has gained worldwide attention thanks to its innovative approach to the emerging field of quantum computing.

Quantum computing is a new form of computing that relies on the principles of quantum mechanics, which charts the behavior of subatomic particles. Unlike classical computing, which uses bits (0s and 1s) to represent information, quantum computing uses quantum bits (qubits), which can exist in multiple states simultaneously. This allows quantum computers to process information exponentially faster than traditional computers.

However, quantum computing is still in its infancy, and many of the world’s top experts in the field acknowledge that there are significant technical and conceptual obstacles to overcome before widespread use is possible.

This is where Strangeworks comes in. The company’s mission is to provide an “operating system” for quantum computing that will enable researchers, businesses, and other users to harness its power without having to fully understand the underlying technology.

At the heart of Strangeworks’ offering is its Quantum Syndicate, a cloud-based platform that provides users with access to quantum computers from various vendors (including IBM, Rigetti Computing, and Xanadu) through a single interface. The company has also developed language-agnostic tools that allow users to write quantum algorithms without having to learn a specific programming language.

In addition to its software platform, Strangeworks has partnered with several leading quantum hardware vendors to develop quantum computing solutions that can be tailored to specific industry needs. For example, the company is working with biotech firm Molecular Assemblies to leverage quantum computing to accelerate the development of new drug molecules.

Strangeworks’ approach is distinctive in that it seeks to make quantum computing accessible to a broad range of users, rather than just academics and researchers. The company’s logo is a caricature of Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out, which reflects its philosophy that quantum computing should not be a mystery or a monopoly.

Strangeworks is also committed to supporting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. The company has a “50/50 in 2020” initiative which means a 50/50 divide on gender and diversity of workforce by the end of the year, and it also offers an apprenticeship program for individuals from underrepresented communities.

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